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review Jacques Tati: His Life and Art (Panther)

The full story of one of France s greatest cinema legends a clown whose film making innovation was to turn everyday life into an art formJacues Tati s Monsieur Hulot unmistakable with his pipe brolly and striped socks was a creation of slapstick genius that made audiences around the wor. Wow Money very well spent indeed from the work of art that is the jacket to the wonderfully written text Go for it

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Jacques Tati: His Life and Art (Panther)

Ld laugh at the sheer absurdity of life This biography charts Tati s rise and fall from his earliest beginnings as a music hall mime during the Depression to the success of Jour de Fte and Mon Oncle to Playtime the grandiose masterpiece that left the once celebrated director bankrupt an. Very detailed and readable an ideal primer for those who enjoy the talent of Jacues Tati and highly recommended to all

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D begging for euipment to complete his final films Analysing Tati s singular vision Bellos reveals the intricate staging of his most famous gags and draws upon hitherto inaccessible archives to produce a uniue assessment of his work and its context for film lovers and film students alik. excellent

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    Wow Money very well spent indeed, from the work of art that is the jacket, to the wonderfully written text, Go for it

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    Excellent insight on his life and work, offering an original perspective on both.

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    Great book about the French cinema legend

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    Very detailed and readable, an ideal primer for those who enjoy the talent of Jacques Tati and highly recommended to all.

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    Far from producing a well informed biography of France s greatest cinematic clown, Jacques Tati, instead Bellos ruthlessly dissects Despite his clinical approach, there is just enough tantalising information about Tati, the brilliant creator of Monsieur Hulot, to hold my attention.Do I really want to know about the various colour film processes available in France Not really Nor do I want to read yet again about the d

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    Para quem gosta de Tati, um trabalho muito completo e cuidadoso, timo de ler e para consultar depois.

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    Bellos biography of Jaqcques Tati do not only provide a detailed historical description, but brings Tati the producer and actor alive right there on the kindle For the novice, it certainly tantalizes you to Tati s films within a few chapters, confirming the acutely sensitive understanding of the French artist The historical contexts remained interesting A good read for any one interested in biography, history, film and art The r

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    Well researched and organized and gave me a lot of insight into the man behind the internationally famous M Hulot Interesting production information, but would have been happier with production details and detailed credits.