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An essential reference for nursing students in developing and implementing the competencies necessary in caring for critically ill patients Synergy for Clinical Excellence The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care enhances the understanding of The Synergy Mode.

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The Synergy for clinical excellence

Ic individually and applies the model in practice Includes sample test uestions relevant to the model that will assist nursing students in preparing for certification through AACN and provide further examples of the integration of the Synergy Model in practi.

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L in practice Based on a decade of work by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses the text encompasses the history and development of the nurse and patient characteristic inherent in The Synergy Model and then thoroughly addresses each characterist.

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    Although the patient care scenarios are well written engaging and provocative enlisting the reader's critical thinkinganalytical skills I can't help but criticize the AACN's blatant reiteration of the obviousNursing theory the Synergy Model for Excellence in Practice and Domination of the Milky Way or whatever it's calledno matter