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Just this one time All for a human One he's come to love The only problem is that Carmela is a warrior too and everyone knows humans may be small and unpredictable but when riled there's not a crater deep enough to hide in Not that Setesh would He's always loved a good fight in and out of the bedro.

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Cold Fusion Femme Metal #3

Two species on the brink of war Two warriors pitted against each other Who will blink firstEveryone knows Yithian bounty hunters never let go once they set their sights on a prey never let emotions interfere with their predatory instincts never ever lose their legendary focus One hunt one symbol one t.

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Attoo Unyielding unrelenting deadly accurate Everyone knows that Yet Setesh the most successful bounty hunter on his home world and vicious even by his own species' standards will break every one of his rules He will lose sight of a prey let his emotions cloud his judgment and even lower his guard for.

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    A nice ending to the Femme Metal series of books I was almost sad to see it end but glad that there was closure for the spaceship Femme Metal and she didn't keep getting passed around like a sack of potatoes