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  • Paperback
  • 448
  • The Matchmaker
  • Marita Conlon-McKenna
  • en
  • 24 October 2018
  • 9781848270138

10 thoughts on “The Matchmaker

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    Excellent family chicklit great Irish story

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    The first few chapters of The Matchmaker were really enjoyable and then I realised I was starting to skim over bits here and there In the end I cheated and went to the last chapter and read that lol

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    35 starsA cute chick lit romance which is utterly predictable from start to finish but is none the worse for that The characters are well written and the plot moves at a steady pace Even though you can easily see who will end up with whom this is still an easy enjoyable read Recommended for fans of the chick lit genre

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    nice easy readyfeel good book

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    A cute little holiday read

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    Irritating and naive story

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    Nice easy to listen to sweet story

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    For the read harder prompt read a romance starring a single mother with not one but two single mothers in this story Lots of fun lovely happil

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    Great book about a matchmaking mother and her three daughters I really enjoyed it I think my mom would have really liked it as well

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    A typical romantic feel good All easy and predictable but a nice read

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The Matchmaker

Maggie Ryan can't help it She constantly finds herself organizing and meddling in the lives of others trying to match things and people together from her neighbours in Dublin's Pleasant Suare to her own family With three bright beautiful daughters who are still single Maggie decides that a little romantic matching is neededHow. Excellent family chicklit great Irish story

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Ever matchmaking is not as easy as it seems and Maggie's uest to find the perfect partner for each of her reluctant daughters is proving difficultHer architect daughter Grace has had enough of heartbreak and given up on men deciding instead to concentrate on her career Poetry obsessed Anna believes that no man can ever live up. A cute little holiday read

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To her hero WBYeats While single parent Sarah devotes so much time to her little girl Evie that romance constantly passes her byDetermined to get ' rings on those fingers' Maggie Ryan believes that the arrival of bachelor Mark McGuinness who has just purchased a house on 'The Suare' is an opportunity far too good to be missed. For the read harder prompt read a romance starring a single mother with not one but two single mothers in this story Lots of fun lovely happily ever afters just felt like a warm hug really

About the Author: Marita Conlon-McKenna

Born in Dublin in 1956 and brought up in Goatstown Marita went to school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart Mount Anville later working in the family business the bank and a travel agency She has four children with her husband James and they live in the Stillorgan area of DublinMarita was always fascinated by the Famine period in Irish history and read everything available on the subject