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Warning This story is for mature adults only It contains violence mature and explicit content and non consensualdubious graphic sexual activity that some readers may find upsetting This is a dark erotic thriller not to be confused with a dark romance HERThere are not enough words to describe my internal torment I knew there would be conseuences for what I did I knew this would be hard But it’s so much harder than I ever want to admit Physically broken mentally drained and legally dead I now find myself wasting away on an island in the middle of the Bahamas Darren has left me in isolation for my own recovery and the only thing I can be grateful for is the fact that my isolation includes him But I know he won’t be able to stay away for long Eventually he’ll be back to reclaim what’s his and remind me of all the things I hate about him How he’s able to twist fear with pleasure to create the most destructive combination how it rushes through my blood and simmers under my skin making me come alive and burn for Sometimes I don’t know who I. THIS REVIEW will be for the first three books in the seriesMany SPOILERS are included belowI feel very conflicted about the characters and storyWhat I liked about the heroine she is loyal and passionate for those she loves She would die for her boyfriend and family She has excellent self esteem so than most heroines I have read about She knows her worth Her body is a machine that she values and takes great care of She stands up for herself and others and is brave She is like the Duracell Bunny She keeps going and going no matter how many times she is knocked down And she is constantly knocked down by the so called hero and his goonsWhat I disliked about the heroine her strength of being tenacious is also her weakness because she takes it to the extreme She fights things even to her detriment She excises very little self control despite her thinking otherwise The heroine keeps fighting even though it is foolhardy to do so and causes herself and others a tremendous amount of pain due to her stupidity I really wanted to slap her at times that is bad considering she was already the heroes punching bag She is wishy washy about the hero She feels she loves him and hates him in eual parts I know that is typical for kidnap victims but it was still hard to read aboutWhat I liked about the hero very little I love jealous and possessive alpha males and he took it to the extreme The hero was beyond possessed and after awhile felt like he could not breathe without herAlso he was faithful which I always want the hero to be Other women did not even register on his radar They ceased to exist when he meet her despite the fact that some were beautiful and naked around themWhat I disliked about the hero too much He is not a hero no matter how loose the definition is He is a sociopath He feels no shame guilt or remorse He kills whomever he feels like especially if he perceives them as a threat to his relationship with the heroine No one is safe including innocent men women and children Anyone who tries to help the heroine he automatic killed no hesitation on his part He murders anyone that he perceives as a loss end including physical therapist that he hired to help the heroine recover after he beat her to a bloody mess and a tattoo artist he employed to brand her He actively hunts for her family with the intend to kill them and make her watch including her boyfriend parents little brothers aunts and because she loves them and he feels motivates her to try to escape him He claims to love the heroine but because he is a psychopath he is incapable of doing so A person does not beat someone they love to the point they almost kill them and repeatedly He savagely beats her both deliberately and when he loses control He is a sadist and conditions her to be a masochist Like a true sociopath he dominates others and wins at all costs which he freely admits Also he is intelligent and delusional thinking that he can control every aspect of her life and take away all of her freedom and choice and that she will still be happy to be with him He believes that after he fully trains her that she will embrace a life where she loves him marries him has his spawn and has a HEA with himWhat I liked about the first three books in the series I could not stop reading I read all three books without taking a break staying up to 800 am and then without any sleep went to work There was the right number of sexy times to me throughout the first 3 books The sex scenes that were not rape scenes were hot and plentiful but did not overshadow the storyWhat I disliked about the first three books the excessive amount of violence against the heroine and others While it is not the most graphic I have read the fact that it was unrelenting was hard to takeI will admit to skipping over some bloody scenes because at times it was too much The fight scenes between the hero and heroine were too many as well and too technical I read that the author has a black belt or some color of belt not to be offense but honestly they all seem the same to me and that makes sense because the hero and heroine s moves are broken down to the molecular level After the first book I skipped over some of those scenes as well and since the majority of their fight scenes were violent and resulted in blood shed it worked out well in terms of skimming parts Also I wanted the heroine to try to escape and actually be successfully Sadly that did not happen The times she tried to escape with the exception of 1 time were not well thought out but spur of the moment escape attempts that were unsuccessfulI will read the last book in the series when it comes out This is one of the few times that I want the heroine to end up with someone else the boyfriend would be a good choice agreed the readers get to know him other than the hero AND I want the hero to die The hero is not redeemable in my opinion If he stays true to character then he will always be a psychopath and not capable of giving himself or anyone else a HEA The heroine could never be happy being with him no matter how brain washed she is He is a monster who will never feel things like remorse or love Any spawn he has if raised by him will grow up to be monsters too For the good of society he needs to be put down and if this were reality and not romanceland he would eventually either be killed or locked up the rest of his life and that would be a true HEA to this story

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Spark Stronger #3

Hate him or myself After everything that’s happened after everything I’ve allowed myself to feel I deserve a little self hatred I can feel my will to continue fighting diminishing the fire in my heart barely than embers but I promised Jason I would find him I promised my family I would find a way back to them Darren may own me but he doesn’t own my intentions And even though he may have broken my body he will never break my will to survive I’ll find a way Somehow I’ll find my way out of the dark even if it’s with the tiniest little sparkHIMNothing plagues my mind than that goddamn stubborn ass redhead Too often I find myself thinking of nothing else and no matter how many miles I put between us to focus on my work Jaden still finds a way to kick the damn door down and pull me under I may not have been able to keep her out of my head but I was able to keep her hidden away on my private island in the Bahamas I wanted to ensure her recovery would remain uninterrupted from other potential distractions It would be pretty tough to escape fr. Copypaste review for Book 1Holy Shit This is really darkIt s also addictive as hellAnd NOT a romance But it made me feel thingsI ll be writing a lengthy review once I finish the whole seriesI need the last book ASAP stars

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Om an island in the middle of the ocean surrounded by guards with broken bones and a broken ego Jaden wasn’t going anywhere not this time not until I was ready to take her back with me She had a lot to prove until then I knew she was than physically damaged Her confidence in herself shattered the night I crushed her in my arms and I had a feeling it was going to take a lot of inner strength for her to put it back together But that was the one thing I knew she had a never ending supply of Her strength was admirable and I was confident she’d find it again I just had to make sure it lacked one thing when we eventually returned home – her desire to kill me There were two ways I could accomplish that – positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement I suppose the techniue would depend on Jaden’s ability to adapt but knowing her I was going to have to fight this at every angle and didn’t I always love a good fightNOTE For every book that is sold a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that benefits victims of human trafficki. It is uite possible that Darren with his blind obsession to own Jaden not just physically but heart and soul may have just broken the one thing he so admires about her her spiritAs the journey continues with Jaden s very slow recovery it becomes evident to Darren that he may have gone too far in his discipline In his uest to fix Jaden but only to the degree that he gets his little spitfire back we see another side of him he truly believes that he provides Jaden with a good life and that he provides for her everything she could possibly need and she should be happy and thankful He is so wrong and sadly Jaden again will suffer the brunt of his psychosisI am really conflicted at this point I understand what is happening to Jaden and how it is being accomplished but I do not want it to end this wayBut there is truly a spark of hope hidden in the darkness

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    Wow what another great journey with Darren and Jaden This book will grip you and pull you in but be warned it has triggers and is dark Darren is the asshole you can't help but love to hate and route for in his taming of Jaden You also can't help but hope that all that fire Jaden has twists and burns for Darren in the end and that these two

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    I don't uite know to convey my feelings without sounding wishy washy and a complete nut case But here goesNO spoilers I promiseThe drama between J and D continue to evolve and I dunno if I'm okay with the direction I know I'm going to hell with gasoline undies on when I say thisBUT I like when D acts like a psycho with J H

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    THIS REVIEW will be for the first three books in the seriesMany SPOILERS are included belowI feel very conflicted about the characters and storyWhat I liked about the heroine she is loyal and passionate for those she loves She would die for her boyfriend and family She has excellent self esteem so than most her

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    This series just keeps getting StrongerJust when you think you've seen the worstSpark becomes even darkerDarren thinks he's making Jaden accept her role in his lifeBut she's not giving up that easy thoughand there's hell to pay for her defianceDamnJdo i really have to wait until december for Strike? You're killing me

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    Copypaste review for Book 1Holy Shit This is really darkIt's also addictive as hellAnd NOT a romance But it made me feel thingsI'll be writing a lengthy review once I finish the whole seriesI need the last book ASAP★★★★★ stars

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    I know why I took her off my favourite shelf

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    Amazing journey I thought I'd be bored but contrary I devoured the book I didn't even notice that it had ended Now I can't wait for the next books

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    It is uite possible that Darren with his blind obsession to own Jaden not just physically but heart and soul may

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    This book star were we left Survival with Jaden recoveringIn this book we can see J transform so much Darren is the monster that he is and is never going to change He has one gold and is not stopping for anything or anyone to get it In this book he treats her both with care are al always so much violence and he amps her conditioni

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    Jay Marie Darren have ruined me There will never be another series that has the ability to grab my attention hold it shake the shit out of it while sueezing it then throws it across the room into a wall Yes I’m still talking about my attention Damn you Jay Marie I need MORE Darren