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Hidden AgendaIntimate SecretsThe Masked ManShadow Lake

Shadow Lake In an instant Anna Collins loses control of her car and careens into isolated Shadow Lake and is rescued by Jack Fairbanks But everyone says that the reclusive Fairbanks scion of a powerful political family is deadAnna is sure Jack's appearance is related to the hit and run that killed her son But when her friend's body is discovered in her trunk she's not sure what to believe How did the body get there One person knows but finding him threatens to expose Anna to a deadly encounter on the banks of Shadow Lake

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Loving The Masked Man His face was concealed by a maskyet piercing blue eyes drew Jill Lawson into his arms What came over her she'd never know but a case of mistaken identity meant that now she was being framed for murderEstablishing her innocence proved harder than Jill imagined especially when she was so distracted by the memory of the man's kisses kisses that were suspiciously similar to investigator Mac Cooper's In a race against a cunning adversary could Mac and Jill unmask the real killer before it was too late

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Mills Boon Diamond Collection promises the greatest romances from our collection Intimate Secrets When Josie O'Malley found herself pregnant she knew her father would shoot the no 'count But Josie has been with the one man her father respected Clay Jackson So Josie fled before either man could find out the truth Two years later Clay was shocked to see Josie with a child It burned him even that a thief led Clay to her doorstep What would Clay's investigation reveal about the toddler's fatherand the woman he'd never stopped

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BJ Daniels' life dream was to be a policewoman After a career as an award winning newspaper journalist she wrote and sold 37 short stories before she finally wrote her first book Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award last year for romantic suspenseShe lives in Montana with her husband Parker two Springer Spaniels Jem and Spot and a temperamental tomc

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