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Ination attempt she arranges for him to escort her across the planet to her future husband She’s already falling hard for the deadly offworlder and knows she should deny herself the temptation he represents but taking Mike along to protect her is the only way she’ll live long enough to escape her ruthless stepmother Mike for his part resists his growing attraction to the princess; he has a mission on this planet and rescuing the vulnerable but brave princess isn’t it No. Major Mike Varone and his cousin Johnny have been pulled out of retirement for one mission to Mahjundar A ship has gone down in the mountains and the crew needs rescue Seems simple enough but simple doesn t make a very compelling read does it Their first day planetside adds several complications The crash course in language and culture doesn t cover the current political climate or help them interpret the nervous twitches of their guide The bomb in a public plaza is a obvious marker of civil unrestThe bomb is an assassination attempt the apparent target the current empress Caught in the blast radius is a princess of the blood Shalira Mike rescues the princess discovering in the process that she s blind and has been since a previous assassination attempt fifteen years before His gallantry is awarded with ceremony a useless dagger and a task he is asked to escort the princess into the mountains to meet her betrothed Acceding to the emperor s reuest will delay their own mission It s made clear that refusing will result in permanent deferral a withdrawal of permission to venture outside the cityThe journey into the mountains reveals the farce of Shalira s impending marriage and uncovers a deeper plot that lies at the core of the political unrest on the planet Mike and Johnny are drawn into events at first unwillingly and then because of the growing attraction between Mike and Shalira On a remote and somewhat barbaric planet Mike has found the woman of his dreams Shalira has found someone who doesn t consider her blindness an imperfection For his part Johnny is simply a good man and loyal to his cousinI really enjoyed author Veronica Scott s world building Mission to Mahjundar reads almost like fantasy The planet of Mahjundar has a rich culture and history yet there are subtle reminders we re in a future either our own or one of Scott s making Technology is woven in with the magic giving the reader the sense this planet has been inhabited for so long and has drifted so far from the mean that technology is magic Mike s thoughts and recollections keep us firmly in the present however The universe of The Sectors clearly exists outside the planet giving Mahjundar a place in the wholeThe action throughout the novel is thrilling and well written the choreography of every battle easy to follow The various tribes are different enough to be interesting rather than simply derivative I gained the sense of a vast and fascinating history leading up to the current eventsMy only uibble is the romance It moved a little too uickly for me I would have liked time spent on Mike and Shalira getting to know one another They fall awfully fast and the chemistry feels very heat of the moment The affection between them does feel genuine and there is a sense of destiny in their pairing I simply prefer a longer build The adventure and stakes are high throughout the novel so we don t get a sense of how these two will fare as a couple when their lives don t depend upon the actions of the otherDespite this little nitpick I enjoyed Mission To Mahjundar It s a fun read very fast paced and easy to follow with good adventure and excellent world building The love story is integral to the plot which is a plus for fans of romance Though secondary Johnny is a great character and I d love to see him revisited in a future book set in this universeWritten for SFCrowsnest

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Matter how much he wishes it could be But what should have been an easy trek through Mahjundar’s peaceful lands swiftly turns into an ambush with danger around every turn Shalira’s marriage begins to seem less like an arranged union and like yet another planned assassination The they work together to survive the harder it becomes to stop themselves from falling in love Caught in a race against time can they escape the hostile forces hunting them and make it off the plane. Before I started this book I had read two short stories by this author that I enjoyed and I was eager to give one of her full length works a try I picked this book up when it was discounted and as I was in a sci fi mood I decided to starts this one Sadly I have to say this one missed the mark for me The story didn t uite work for me This is mostly because of me having wrong expectations about this book and I was unable to really care about the characters or get caught up in the storyMission to Mahjundar is a sci fi romance but at the same time I feel that doesn t really describe the feel or genre of this book well Yes the male main character is a Marine from the Sectors and does missions to other world but 95% of this book takes place on Majundar A backwater planet with basically no technology and the male main character and his cousin only use some blasters and some minor tech It almost would fit better to describe this book as a fantasy or even military romance even though neither of those is uite right either as it does have a small sci if aspect and there is a bigger world out there I had expected a sci fi romance and sadly this book didn t have as much sci fi as I had hoped and therefore didn t fit my mood as well as I had expectedIt s not a bad book but it just didn t uite work for me There were parts that I did enjoy and it was a nice read The story did flow nicely and the pace was pretty well done for the most part The book is pretty story driven but at the same time could feel a bit slow at times or maybe that s because I didn t uite care about the events that were happening Beside the book not fitting my expectations I has some trouble with the story The story didn t uite keep my attention and I wasn t fully happy the direction the story took at times I also am discovering a new pet peeve of mine books were there is too much trouble It felt like in this book the characters went from one bad situation to another Or they were right before or after a bad situation It just got tiring and I wanted them to have a few moments of peace and uiet to enjoy each others company or were we could get to know the characters better There was a nice scene at the start were they had a bit of a sort of uiet temporary moment which was nice but it was very short lastingBesides there being few moments of peace I had a hard time caring about the story It felt like little details or bit of information were missing here and there that could ve made the plot feel complete Only about 60% in the book we finally find out a few basics of the mission Mike and Johnny were on and even then it s hard to grab the relevance of this mission We get a few details later but it s too little too late The new information just makes me have uestion about the information and the things that happened before this book I guess I would ve liked to get a bit information about this mission And there are also some parts of the story I would ve liked to get details about How this planet and culture worked and the tribes and why the special agents weren t aware of certain things going in A few things just seemed a bit too convenient usually for the bad guys and other parts just didn t fully make sense or come alive So what did I enjoy about this book For the most part it was well written and I liked the writing style Even though I struggled though it at times it also had some scenes and parts that I did enjoy and some chapters that I easily read through I also liked the set up for this book a military guy who on a mission to a planet falls in love with a local blind princess With how they are both from such different words but find common ground I also thought it was nice to see a less advanced planet in a galaxy that also has advanced planets I just would ve liked to see of this contradiction How the sectors people experienced this people or how foreign the technology was to the people there I would ve liked to get to know the customs of this planet a bit betterWhile I liked the idea of the romance sadly I didn t uite feel the romance in this book It seemed their feelings for each other developed uite uickly and while they spent some time together I would ve liked to see scenes where they really connected or got to know each other Sadly the romance didn t really work for me I was happy how there was no miscommunication or other big issues in the romance as the gently style seemed to fit the bookThe characters were nice enough but I had a hard time really caring about them I did enjoy reading the story but at the same time had a hard time really connecting with or feeling like I got to know the characters I would ve liked to get the characters a bit better as I think that would ve made me invested in the story I thought the princess had an interesting backstory I was just a bit disappointed with how something surrounding her was handled later in the book And I would ve liked to know what really happened to her those years ago I had hoped we would ve gotten to know that in the end Concerning the world building there was very little of that but at the same time it is obvious there is in this universe With what we did get to know it was obvious there was a whole galaxy and stories out there and I did like that feeling of how the author build a whole world even though we only get to see a little piece I just wished we would ve gotten than a glimpse of the rest of the galaxy in this book But that s probably also because I was in the mod for sci fi and this book very light on the sci fi aspects To summarize this book didn t uite work for me There were parts I enjoyed and parts that didn t work for me I ended up rounding up my rating as I do feel that it s not a bad book but I just went in with wrong expectations wish I had a few reviews first and I didn t really care for the story The book was story driven but at the same time it could feel a bit slow and like these tiny pieces of information were missing that would ve made the book read smoother The characters were in a lot of trouble and bad situations in this book and I would ve liked some uieter and happier moments to break up all the bad things I didn t care for the direction the story took at times but I was happy with the ending There were a few uestions left unanswered that I had hoped to see answered The book is very light on the sci fi aspects and reads like a fantasy or military romance at times I didn t feel the romance in this book and didn t care for the characters But I did like the set up for the romance and how they both came from different worlds I also liked the feel the author created of there being a whole galaxy out there and the world seemed thought out even though we only got to see a very small piece of it

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An attempted assassination left Princess Shalira blind as a child and now that she’s of marriageable age her prospects are not good because of her disability She’s resigned herself to an arranged marriage rather than face life under the thumb of her cold stepmother But then she meets Mike Varone a Sectors Special Forces officer sent to Mahjundar by the intergalactic government to retrieve a ship lost in her planet’s mountains After Mike saves Shalira from another assass. More like 35 starsFirst of all I have to state that I won this book in a giveaway Although I did really like this story I m still giving it only 3 stars because on a comparative scale with all the other books I awarded 345 3 stars seems fairer to me than 4This story begins in medias res with the hero rescuing and falling in love with the heroine It s love at first sight and in my opinion they go at it uite uickly too uickly but then it s a romance novel so I should have known What I really love about this story is the co existence of technology and magic The first does not preclude the second It is not in my opinion pure SciFi It s like the perfect mix of Fantasy and SciFi I ve always thought that in a highly technologized world there was no room for any kind of magic The magic of older times was discovered as being only tricks of science which the people learned when they evolved It never occurred to me that in such a world a realistic one than Fantasy there could exist true magic Coupled with religious legend all of this makes the story truly special and interesting The only thing which surprised me was that the male hero coming from such a technological advanced world did not have doubts about the reality of magic This to me logical struggle was not really mentioned and explored Given the author s writing style the background and history of this imagined world were never really explained The reader needs to pick the details on how the world works from characters comments or from in between the lines In the beginning I was uite confused but in the course of the story everything which needed to be known was kind of indirectly explained I a person who is not only interested in the immediate storyline and its heroes missed this kind of detailed explanation which could have been given in the form of the male hero explaining his world to the female hero In my opinion the author s imaginary world is already a fascinating story in itself Especially interesting would have been the reason for the existence of closed worlds and about the villainous race of the Mawreg What are they and why are they so bad And of course the little detail of the hero s retirement plans How can it be that in such an advanced technological world cattle is still herded by cowboys on horses

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    More like 35 starsFirst of all I have to state that I won this book in a giveaway Although I did really like this story I'm still giving it onl

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    I've really been enjoying the Sectors series The heroes are intelligent smart and very good at their jobs They aren't alphas but they are natural leaders The heroines are strong willed and intelligent thrust into circumstances beyond

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    The author Veronica Scott gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my reviewScott wastes no time once the novel begins We meet Princess Shalira’s stepmother When Mike meets her we see through his eyes an overdone and haughty woman convinced of her absolute control Also through his eyes we see the Princess unsure and clinging to her horse in a seeming metaphor to her approach for life Her control is limited and she clings

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    Right now I am only 50% through this book and already we have intrigue betrayal loyalty love and magic What can you ask for

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    Veronica Scott has a gift for engaging characters In the galaxy of the sectors her heroes are resourceful honorable and super sexy Her heroine

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    Major Mike Varone and his cousin Johnny have been pulled out of retirement for one mission to Mahjundar A ship has gone down in the mountains and the crew needs rescue Seems simple enough but simple doesn’t make a very compelling read does it? Their first day planetside adds several complications The crash course in lan

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    Before I started this book I had read two short stories by this author that I enjoyed and I was eager to give one of her full length works a try I picked this book up when it was discounted and as I was in a sci fi mood I decided to starts this one Sadly I have to say this one missed the mark for me The story didn't uite work for me This is mostly because of me having wrong expectations about this book and I was unable to really care abou

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    The third book in Veronica Scott's A Sector SF Romance Special Forces officer Mike Varone is sent to Mahjundar to locate a crashed ship and any possible survivors but when he saves the Princess Shalira from death his journey changes

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    This was a fabulous sci fi romance story filled with love adventure and suspense Just when I believed the hero and heroine were about to get out of a bad situation something else happened to put their lives in jeopardy I never knew what would happen next I really liked how even though the heroine had a disability she wasn't helpless and even helped to save trained military men in certain situations The narrator did a wonderful job tellin

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    35 starsI didn't like this one as much as the previous 2 installments It's still pretty action packed but I think it's the