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Christmas should be a joyous occasion filled with peace and love but the looming prospect of the festive season fills Russell 'Buffy' Buffery with dread Retired actor thrice divorced hapless father Buffy is well versed in the complicated family Christma. Very short Very sketchy

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Twin Beds

S shuffling between exes and childrenExcept this year will be different He has inherited a BB in rural Wales and can finally escape the nearest and dearest and play 'Myne Host' to a group of paper hatted strangers on escape routes from their own clans B. So disappointing Didn t realise it was such a super short story Waste of money

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Ut when the strangers check in with their emotional baggage and the Cab Sav begins to flow Buffy soon realises that Christmas is never without its little complicationsJoin the gang at Heartbreak Hotel as they run riot and celebrate Christmas the Buffy w. Twin BedsChristmas at Heartbreak Hotel by Deborah Moggach OKHmm there were a number of reasons for reading this I saw the author at the EdBookFest and liked the sound of the main novel it was a free kindle short story and it was Christmas themed The most pertinent aspect thank heavens I didn t pay for itPleasant enough story of a BB that decides to advertise for singles to stay over Christmas Various guests arrive some twin beds get pushed together various guests go home It whiled away a couple of hours I think that s the best I can say of itSeriously rethinking whether to read any of the author s other stories she wrote The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I thought

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    I didn't get this book at all Granted it was a short story at about 90ish I think? pages but the story started all of a sudden with no real lead in there was no substance to the story and then no major plot or 'punchline' I fail to see what Mog

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    Very short Very sketchy

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    Basically a ‘taster’ for the next Buffy book featuring Buffy’s idiosyncratic B B on the Welsh borders and another crop of mildly amusing guests at Christmas Not even a novella passed a sleepless hour at 300 am harmless

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    Disappointing didn't realise it was a short story No time to create a real story or any characters with depth

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    So disappointing Didn’t realise it was such a super short story Waste of money

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    Didn’t realise this was a short story when I borrowed it as an ebook I’d have been disappointed if I paid for it but as a very br

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    I downloaded this short story as I had just finished Heartbreak Hotel and thought I would give this a go I must say that I am so glad I downloaded it it is very short but I actually found it better than Heartbreak Hotel The story is obviously very uick and did feel a little rushed I feel it could have been a tad longer to allow the reader to immerse themselves in the story This story I actually found funny this was something Heartbreak Hote

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    Twin BedsChristmas at Heartbreak Hotel by De

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    Thought I would read this very short novella as I was in between books and needed to move on from the last one I really enjoyed it I want to read about Heartbreak Hotel now as this one was such a good read

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    Read this between reading The Ex Wives and Heartbreak Hotel this very short novella only available on Kindle acts as an introduction to her latest book Heartbreak Hotel I enjoyed it but really wished it was longer it just seemed a bit hurried

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