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Enemy might be closer than he ever dreamed possible he vows to see justice served But can he save Kaitlin before it's too late to tell her he loves her I would have liked this if Kaitlin wasn t so immature and wishy washy She wants the madness to end yet is giving Slade a time limit in catching the Boss As a former cop she sure is a hot mess One minute she s I can take care of myself the next Slade don t do your job because I m scared Ugh You re in love with a cop A good cop Just let him do his job and uit threatening him with when it s over I might want a relationship or I might walk away Not a good time to screw with his head She doesn t want him to put up walls yet that s exactly what SHE S doing when she doesn t get her way Like she knows better than a police CAPT

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Lone Star Protector

Keeping WatchWhen dog trainer Kaitlin Mathers is attacked Texas K 9 Unit captain Slade McNeal is determined to keep her and what's left of his family s Kaitlin Mathers was out late training her new K 9 recruit Warri0r when she felt a gun sticking into her rib cage The barking dog caught the attention of the K 9 police captain Slade McNeal With him coming to her aid she managed to get loose and wasn t kidnapped The guy got away with the car door being hit Kaitlin was frightened though and when Slade got close enough Kaitlin grabbed him and held on tight Her took him to stay with him his son Caleb and his father for the night Slade had lost his wife two years back when a bomb went off in his car The rumor was the bomb was meant for him 5 months back his dog Rio had been stolen and his father had been badly beaten His five year old son Caleb had become withdrawn and had been having nightmares ever since that night Kaitlin had spent some time babysitting Caleb and he seemed to like being with her dogs Slade was thankful for Kaitlin and was happy that she was always willing to help They were good friends Kaitlin s father had left when she was very young and her mother had been a vet and had been murdered by a drug addict trying to steal drugs when she was a teenager She was taken in by her grandmother She had accepted the job as the K 9 trainer a few years back and was good at it She didn t like being scared and became a cop to learn how to protect herself so she wouldn t end up like her mom There had been other attempts on the officers of the K 9 unit Their problem was the leader of a drug syndicate in town known as The Boss They couldn t find out who he was A couple of the officers asked to meet with Slade and they suggested that who they might be looking for was his best friend Dante Frears They further suggested that he had been having an affair with one of the officers sister and killed her One of his men another officer had then killed her son who they suspected was also Dante s son Daniel Slade had shot him in his leg but it was the other officer s bullet that had killed Daniel That other officer was now dead They thought that Dante had Rio and needed Kaitlin to work with Rio to find what they were searching for in Lost Woods a nearby park Dante had been in the military and had served with Slade He had returned from the Middle East and become a real estate mogul This lead to other business ventures and opportunities in West Texas to make serious moneyKaitlin went home and her best friend and fellow trainer Francine came to stay with Kaitlin Someone managed to get past the officer watching her house and leave a note on the front porch telling Kaitlin that she was being watched They traced the paper used to write the note back to some paper purchased by Dante s wife Slade had a hard time with it but knew that he had to keep up appearances with Dante until they had proof of who he was and what he had done He was invited to the birthday party for his wife and asked if he could bring a friend He wanted to see how Dante reacted to seeing Kaitlin They went to the party and there Kaitlin knew that something was bothering Slade and something about Dante bothered her She noticed Slade going down a hallway and she went to stand near the entrance She intercepted Dante when he headed that way He was sidetracked by another person and Kaitlin found Slade and kissed him Slade wondered what was going on until he saw Dante watching them He knew that Kaitlin had covered for him while he had been getting some hair off a brush in Dante s bathroom to use for a DNA test to prove that Daniel had been his sonThey left the party and Kaitlin thought that Slade might be mad about the kiss but after they got back to Francine s house he kissed her this time He then explained his suspicions about Dante and about his getting DNA evidence to find out if Melody s nephew was Dante s son Kaitlin then figured out what was bothering her about Dante Her kidnapper had called her sweetheart and Dante had done the same thing She mentioned that to Slade Kaitlin and Francine were headed home together on Monday evening when Francine s truck ran out of gas She had filled it up only 2 days previous Someone had to have siphoned the gas out Kaitlin called Slade and told them they were broke down and he headed to their location Meanwhile a van pulled up that looked like the one her kidnapper had used The driver Rudy got out and he wasn t the same guy Slade arrived and ran a check on him He was taken in because he had a warrant out for not paying his child support and he had a bag of weed on him The officers used that to get information from him He admitted to letting someone pay him to use his van for a week They brought the van back with the dents removed and a new paint job Kaitlin had dinner that night with Slade and his family They were working in the kitchen and talking about their case bringing them together Kaitlin told him they needed to take it slow until the case was solved Kaitlin was hoping that once Slade solved the case that he would work on rebuilding his relationship with God She had trusted God to get her through what had happened to her mother They kissed again and were interrupted by a phone call telling Slade that Rudy had been found with a bullet in his forehead Kaitlin told him that she would put Caleb to bed with Warrior and stay with him until he returned Slade went to check on Rudy and decided that he had to do something to push things along He headed toward the Last Woods and drove by Dante s place He saw Dante leaving and decided to follow him He headed to a warehouse and saw Dante enter the building and come out dressed completely in black and get into a black van Slade followed him to the Lost Woods They got out and started digging He saw them with a dog and he knew it was Rio He hadn t been treated well Slade watched them until he heard them talking about a police car driving close by and they left Meanwhile Kaitlin was on the phone with Melody when she heard a noise She stayed on the phone while she went to check it out She ran into Jason and he startled her She mentioned him to Melody while Melody was on her way to the house Someone had tried to break in again but he was scared off Slade decided to do some digging where the guys had started and he hit a metal box He covered it up and before he left he was shot in the shoulder He then went home Kaitlin told him that he needed to be careful and remain focused to keep him and his family safe He told Kaitlin and Melody that the DNA he had gathered had proven Dante to be the father of DanielSlade was concerned that Kaitlin had chosen to avoid him for the next couple of days He knew that she was worried about him He missed her He went to see her and asked to borrow Warrior for a bit He wanted to pay a visit to Dante with Warrior to see if he could pick up any smells in his house and to test Warrior s reaction to DanteHe took Warrior to Dante s and Warrior tried to bite him That was enough for Dante to be found guilty in Slade s eyes Warrior was turned loose in the penthouse and didn t find anything Kaitlin told Francine that she was falling in love with Slade Francine told Kaitlin that she needed to give her problems to God and let him take care of it She needed to be careful of turning away from Slade for doing his job This was difficult but Kaitlin knew Francine was right She was on her way home with Francine when she received a call saying that her dog was tied up at the entrance to Lost Woods Kaitlin drove to find him against Francine s advice She was surprised to see Rio and got out of the car to go to him Then she noticed he was tied up She turned around and someone grabbed her A gun was pointed at Francine s head and she was ordered to get Warrior under control She was told that Slade was in the woods so she needed to behave Dante hollered for Slade to come out or Kaitlin would be hurt He came out and Dante pulled out a piece of Dan s clothes and told Warrior to follow the scent so he would know where to dig Kaitlin instead told Warrior to attack Dante and the other guy ran off with the dogs and Slade following Slade told Kaitlin to run to where the car was parked that had dropped him off Kaitlin ran until she saw the car and noticed that Dante was there beside a van with another guy Kaitlin was taken again and tied up She managed to kick an extra black jumpsuit out of the van before they drove off headed for Slade s house Kaitlin was afraid that there might be a bomb at Slade s house and went uietly They arrived for her to find out that her suspicions regarding Jasper Slade s fathers nurse were correct Jasper had been bribed to drug Slade s father and Caleb and hid when he saw Francine come in with a gun to her head Dante called Slade and told him to bring the diamonds that he had dug up in the park to him order a helicopter for him and to call off the SWAT team Slade had the SWAT team surround the house so that Slade couldn t get too far away He took the diamonds to the house and tried to talk to Dante to see why he had done all that he had When Slade got to the house Caleb came out of hiding and told him that Jasper had told him to hide Slade s fathers dog Chief attacked and bit Dante Slade threw the diamonds in the air and let Warrior and Rio into the house They jointed in the attack and Jasper hit Dante over the head with a skillet He was handcuffed and taken in to custody The bomb was found under the sink by Titan another K 9 dog and disarmed Slade told Kaitlin that he loved her and she told him that she loved him too and apologized for turning away from him for doing his job Slade told Kaitlin that she wanted to marry him and Kaitlin accepted his proposal

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Afe from harm But soon Slade realizes nothing's safe including his dogs his son or the beautiful woman who's opening his heart When Slade realizes the I came to this series late As in this one was my first It did wrap the others up for me so that I could follow along but I think it would have been better if I start at the beginning See if I could find the clues for myself in the other books that this book gave me as a whole I love books that bring God into our lives and shows us how we can have him with us at all times without being preachy They are stories that show love compassion and forgiveness without steamy scenes that someone who is trying to remain clean will have to feel compromised for reading Stories you can enjoy without it being a conscience issue This is a keeper for me and a must read in line with the others for sure

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    Book six and the conclusion of the Love Inspired Suspense series Texas K 9 Unit Dog trainer Kaitlin is almost kidnapped while working with newest trainee to the K 9 Unit Warrior Captain Slade McNeal comes to her rescue after hearing Warrior barking Slade cares for Kaitlin and he determines once and for all to put an end

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    I have long been a fan of Lenora Worth and read most of her contemporary romances but I confess that I had not read her suspense romances until now I was intrigued by a law enforcement story line particularly a canine story line and I was not disappointed Having not read the other books in the series I focused on this particular story I thought the accuracy of a law enforcement officer's life as well as the

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    Kaitlin Mathers was out late training her new K 9 recruit Warri0r when she felt a gun sticking into her rib cage

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    Title Lone Star Protector Texas K 9 Series #6Author Lenora WorthWebsite 224Year 2013Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy Rating 5 starsThis story is the conclusion of the K 9 series that reminds us of the conseuences of redemption and retribution played out by two main characters Throughout the whole series the overarching mystery has revolved around a man who cannot easily be identified but is known throughout the crim

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    First Reads Review Lone Star Protector by Lenora WorthI should have paid attention when signing up for this book because I hadn't realized this was the sixth book in a series Having not read the earlier books in this series I was a bit lost but it turned out to be pretty standard The action was okay and the romance was decent but it just lacked a bit of complexity a bit of steam Not bad but probably not some

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    I came to this series late As in this one was my first It did wrap the others up for me so that I could follow along but I think it would have been better if I start at the beginning See if I could find the clues for myself in the other books that this book gave me as a whole I love books that bring God into our

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    I would have liked this if Kaitlin wasn't so immature and wishy washy She wants the madness to end yet is giving Slade a time limit in catching the Boss As a former cop she sure is a hot mess One minute she's I can take care of myself the next Slade don't do your job because I'm scared Ugh You're in love with a cop A good

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    This series is a little weaker than the others particularly the Classified K 9 Unit However this one has a real villain ins

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    Too many killings and too many attempts everybody was on edge and it was personal for Captain Slade Kaitlin is a trainer is that why they are after her they had taken Rio who was specially train K 9 was there reasons A good plot that involves the team they are watching out for one another The clues the scents for the dogs are varied they all want their lives back Good reading once again for this series

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    While the ending was pretty cheesy the rest of the story worked well as a final wrap up of the rest of the books The foreshadowing throughout the series was well carried out I liked how Slade and Kaitlin's relationship grew throughout the novel especially regarding his son I think my favorite moment was when one boy and three dogs were all in one twin bed That's a priceless visual